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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Spring Cleaning Your Hartford Rental Property

Hartford Rental Property Owner Cleaning the Gutters for Spring CleaningSpring is the season of new beginnings. And for landlords, there is no better time to do all those important cleaning and maintenance tasks than spring. While Hartford rental homes need maintenance year-round, spring presents a unique opportunity to check your properties for a few specific things. Even though the tasks of spring cleaning and maintenance can prove to be overwhelming, they should not be missed or put off.

Season-specific cleaning and maintenance items can involve either the interior or exterior of your rental homes – or both. But spring is the best time to perform many of these exterior tasks, especially the ones that would be too inconvenient to do in the winter cold. Then there are tasks that are absolutely impossible to do during winter because they are about checking the damage caused by the winter weather— such as storms or the freezing temperatures. For example, it’s important to examine concrete areas each year, including foundation, driveway, walkways, patios, and more, for new cracks or gaps. Windows and doors, too, need to be checked for cracks and gaps (including weather-stripping) and repaired or replaced. Window and door screens collect a lot of dirt and debris in the winter, so the best time to clean them would be when spring rolls around. The roof should be checked for loose, missing, or damaged materials, and any leaves or debris cleared out of the gutters and downspouts.

Aside from the big items, you need to check on smaller features as well. Exterior door hardware should be checked, and squeaky hinges or broken locks repaired or replaced. Exterior trim might profit from a few touch-ups, and exterior wood elements should be examined to find out if they need to be refinished or sealed. And don’t ignore the outdoor light fixtures – you may have to change some of the bulbs.

When you begin spring cleaning, don’t forget that you’ll need to attend to the yard as well. Sprinkler systems and outdoor faucets should be tested and turned on if winterized. Dead leaves and branches may have fallen during the winter, so once spring comes around, you may need to do a general clean-up. Spring is also the ideal time to fertilize lawns, trees, and other vegetation.

Moving a little further, spring is the perfect time to check perimeter fences and freestanding mailboxes. Broken fence slats will need to be replaced, and wobbly or failing posts repaired. Gate hardware should be examined for rust or other issues and repaired as needed. Finally, spring is the perfect time to look at the home’s garbage cans and check their condition. If the lids don’t fit properly or holes have begun to appear, it may be time to look for replacements.

This is actually just a starting point for a comprehensive spring cleaning & maintenance list. With such a long list of things to do, it would be prudent to hire a team of professionals who can handle the process for you. When you hire Real Property Management Greater Milwaukee, you won’t need to be worried about spring maintenance. We will make sure to complete seasonal tasks thoroughly and promptly. If you are interested in working with Real Property Management Greater Milwaukee or still have questions, please contact us online or call us at 262-309-6961.

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